The Black Church in 1758 in America was the institution as  the first source of land ownership for the Black people. During decades of oppression from white people, the Black Church poised as an ultimate threat to white people. The church was the place Africans sought for solace.

The dark-skinned Heritage is not based on slavery, but in royalty. They hold the key to civilization. Through this species YAH created an inventor. YAH never intended for his chosen people to be a debtor to humanity.

YAH laments over his chosen people. How long will the people remain stubborn? For your benefit YAH continues to reach out to his chosen. We are living in the presence, and the last chapter of the ancient people history. Our young people are waiting to hear who they are. We must release our soul/minds fom our European captures placing their word over Yahweh. YAH daily places before us signs, the key are we able to discern his voice?

Closing your  mind to facts destroys destiny!

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